Finished Piece

Environment, Final Year Project

Here is the final video and in engine renders of the finished piece. It’s been a long few months but I’m proud of what I have achieved and can’t wait to see what happens next.



Final Year Project

Quick update, I found out last week I have been selected to participle in ExpoTees which is a student showcase that takes place after the hand in of final year here at Teesside.

This is an incredible opportunity as only a select number of students are chosen.

You can read more about ExpoTees here needless to say I am very excited and honoured to take part.

Final Year Project – Geosphere

Environment, Final Year Project

In XCOM 2 the geosphere is where you get all you mission information and how you pass time, it is essentially a hologram of a globe which turns as time passes.

Creating a realistic holographic shader is one of my main goals in this project so I decided to start work on this one early on, giving myself to come back and refine it as I see fit.

Final Year Project – Low Poly Asset Creation Pipeline

Environment, Final Year Project

When it comes to creating the assets for my project I start by trying to break the concept art down in to small pieces instead of trying to model it as one big piece. The way I break things down is by considering how they would be manufactured in the real world. If it would be a separate piece in manufacturing then it should be a modelled separately in 3D.