Little Changes make all the difference

Environment, Modular

Spend this week updating and changing some of the assets in the scene for ones with higher detail.



I started with the different floor tiles, before they were flat textures and it was very apparent. To make the cobble in the middle of the street I used Zbrush to create a tiling texture, I started by sculpting one rectangle on all sides to that I could rotate it and have different sizes and shape but without having to sculpt each individual brick. I then placed all then bricks into a pattern inside Zbrush using offset to ensure it would tile. (No screenshot because Zbrush crashed)

I¬†used grabdoc to get a displacement map of the detail I’d sculpted then used the map the project detail onto a high poly plane. I exported the highest subdivision level and the lowest level then used Xnormal to bake the maps I’d need.

I then took the low poly into 3DS Max to apply the maps I had just baked and see the result.


Unfortunately very little of sculpt detail came through in the maps, I tried a few times to get a better result but with no success. Luckily the cobblestones are mostly in the shade and not a focal point of the scene so I used the noise modifier in 3DS Max to add some detail and variation to the stones.

Noise.PNG Although the noise is very exaggerated and extreme once the materials and lighting is applied in UE4 it picks up the lighting detail effectively and tones down the noise modifier.

I used the same technique to create the sidewalk just with a different pattern and larger flagstones.



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