Final Year Project – XCOM 2 Avenger

Environment, Pre-Planning

Final Year Project – Week One

For my final year project at university I have been given 12 weeks to create a piece which I think shows the best of my skill and everything I have learnt over the last 3 years.

I have decided to create an environment piece in UE4 based on the 2016 strategy game XCOM 2 using a piece of concept art by Piero Macgowan of the bridge of the Avenger.

I started by highlighting the main assets which I will need to create so that I can create an effective plan, I also found a concept art image which show breakouts of some of the assets which will be invaluable throughout the project.


The rest of this week will be spent planning on how to effectively use my time, taking into account deadlines and time away. I recently won the King scholarship for women in gaming to attend GDC so I will be away at GDC for one week of the project and will have to be sure that I work around this.

At GDC there is a technical art boot camp which I hope will give me some information I can apply to my FYP.


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