Final Year Project Planning

Environment, Pre-Planning

I’ll be using Trello to help me plan and keep my project organised, today I started using one of the Trello power ups, Elegantt to help me create a Gantt chart from the project.


This is the breakdown for the month of February. I only have a short amount of time to create each asset because 12 weeks is such a short amount of time to complete this project on my own but it is also the only module we are currently working on which means all my spare time can be focused on this.

I have given myself 1 week to model four assets. When deciding which assets would be modeled in which week I took into account the complexity and tried to split the work so I wouldn’t have two complex and time-consuming assets in one week.

I know that is may be problematic because I’ve given myself such a small time frame, I will have to take a week out of the project for my trip to GDC and that is why I would like to have all the modelling done before I leave.

For the walls and the floor I will be creating a trim sheet so that will hopefully cut down on texturing time, as most of the assets in the scene are the same texture and material I’m hoping my master material will speed up texturing time allowing me some breathing room if I need more time for modelling.

I hope to have the block out in engine completed by the end of today and will update my blog when it is done.


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