Final Year Project – Low Poly Asset Creation Pipeline

Environment, Final Year Project

When it comes to creating the assets for my project I start by trying to break the concept art down in to small pieces instead of trying to model it as one big piece. The way I break things down is by considering how they would be manufactured in the real world. If it would be a separate piece in manufacturing then it should be a modelled separately in 3D.

I used Piero Macgowan’s callout sketches to start modelling the first asset in the scene.


I chose a sketch of a single console as I thought it would be a relatively simple asset for me to start with and create an efficient pipeline to be used throughout the project.



I start by blocking out the base shape of the assets, keeping the geometry very basic. This is just so I can get a good stating point to start building from.


I gradually build up the geometry of the asset add more detail as I go until I’m fairly happy with the piece.

Once I’m roughly happy with how the piece is looking I begin unwrapping each individual element, when a section is unwrapped I change the colour to green and red when I’ve yet to start it.





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