GDC Break and Getting back to work

Environment, Final Year Project, Pre-Planning

After taking out a week to attend GDC and then a couple more days due to jet leg I’m finally getting back to work.

GDC was incredibly inspiring and has made me rethink my approach to some aspects of the project. Progress has been slow this past week but I now have a partial block out in engine.


The block out was mostly so I could see how the scale looked and begin to identify problem areas. This week will be spent working on the lighting, the wires and adding a window to one of the walls.

The wires in the block out were created using the cable component inside UE4. It was handy for me to quickly add base wires to the scene but probably won’t be the solution I go with for the final piece as it doesn’t offer me enough control. This week will be spent playing around with different ways to create wires and getting them to hang convincingly.

Before I left I as had time to tweak my holographic shader one last time but didn’t have time to post so this is my final iteration of my hologram.


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