Scaling Issues

Environment, Final Year Project

I have spent most of this week focusing on the scale of the assets inside unreal. In almost of the 3D projects I have done scale is something that always creates an issue so I was keen to make sure I got it right.


This was my previous block out which, after looking over the concept art again and getting some advice from Piero, I realised needed to be readjusted. The concept art features a stairway to a second level and there is no way my wall height allows for that. Another area which will need to be changed is the centre screens.

Piero told me when the concept art was created the globe hasn’t been decided on yet so the concept art doesn’t allow space for a full size globe. After playing around with the size and positioning I’m still not 100% happy with the scaling but I feel like I’m getting closer.


With the UE4 mannequin in the scene it’s easier for me to be able to see where I need to adjust and what is working just right.

I also took some time this week to create a spline based blueprint to allow me to quickly add and change pipes and wires that will be running along the floor and walls in the scene.



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