Easter Progress

Environment, Final Year Project, Modular, Texturing

It’s now the end of the three-week Easter break and final hand in is on the 5th of May so I’m in the final push to get the project finished.

Over Easter I worked on asset placement, texturing and lighting. There are still a few assets that need to be placed in the room, mainly the roof details and some of the smaller details, that will be the focus for this weekend.

There is still one console to add and a texture variant of the first console I created.

I aim to have the project finalised by Sunday so I can spend the rest of the week before the deadline tweaking the project based on feedback I receive.

My current to do list:

  • Brighten the scene without losing the atmosphere – The scene is too dark at the moment and a lot of detail is being lost.
  • Fill some of the blank spaces – The room still doesn’t look like a busy ship hub I need to fill the open space and make the scene feel like a real room.
  • Set dressing – Again the space is bare and needs filling out.

I plan to complete this list by Friday so I can re-assess what to focus on over the weekend.

I’m using the test render to be able to see what areas will be most prominent in the final video so I know where to focus my efforts.


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