Easter Progress

It's now the end of the three-week Easter break and final hand in is on the 5th of May so I'm in the final push to get the project finished. Over Easter I worked on asset placement, texturing and lighting. There are still a few assets that need to be placed in the room, mainly … Continue reading Easter Progress


Material Testing in UE4

This weekend I wanted to start testing my set inside Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to be able to quickly apply materials and be able to change them without too much effort. To achieve this is created a master material to use throughout the scene. This material setup allows me to quickly change just about anything on … Continue reading Material Testing in UE4

Modular Build Set – Weekly Update

For the past couple of weeks I've been working on a modular set. It was originally inspired by Bioshock Infinite, in particular this concept art and environment artist Calen Brait. I made a quick blockout of what I wanted and used Substance Designer to create some rough procedural materials to help me quickly visualise the style … Continue reading Modular Build Set – Weekly Update